Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Messes Don't Last

My house was trashed this past weekend.

I couldn't even take a picture of what it looked like because I was so overwhelmed before we got started on it. Besides, I'm not going to normalize the mess by showing everyone my filthy kitchen and telling you that messy houses = happy kids. Because that's not true for me. And that's mostly because I don't do well when my house is super messy. I can handle it here and there. But I don't usually allow things to get too out of hand because it gives me anxiety and makes me a grumpy wife/mom. Leaving the dirty dishes doesn't always mean you win at happiness. Sometimes it makes you snappy and unkind. And that makes no one happy. But I've been training myself to let things go a little and be present in the moment. I'm trying not to obsess over the messes.

And that's how the house got trashed this weekend.

It all started with a snow day. We've had such a strange winter; full of ups and downs in weather patterns and no snow, apart from some windy flurries. So, waking up to a thick blanket of snow was glorious. The school issued a two-hour delay, which quickly turned into a snow day. We had a nice, slow morning and then happily suited up, anxious to make the most of the snow before the weather changed again.
We played outside all day, coming in only to warm up and throw all the icy mittens and hats into the dryer. We had a quick lunch and went back out again. We ordered pizza for dinner, watched a movie, and the kids played until bedtime. We didn't really clean. There were coats, boots, and snow soaked towels all over the floor when we went to bed. I took a deep breath and ignored it.
The next two days were as gloriously spent as the first. And again, without much tidying up,  but just doing the bare minimum to keep mommy sane. I did wash all the bedding in the house, which is a serious task when you have a bunch of kids.
We visited my sweet sister and my brother in law, snuggled our brand new niece/baby cousin, then slept in again and played all day Sunday before going to youth group.
The perfect weekend. And a perfectly messy house to freak out over while the kids were at church. But it got cleaned up. It wasn't the end of the world.
I didn't take a picture of the mess. But I took lots of pictures of the fun. And of the super cute baby, the cousin love, and the sibling snuggles.

I took this picture of my clean kitchen to remind myself that messes don't last.
But memories do.

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